Find the shine!


Every service we offer can be adapted to your personal needs.  Let us know what your goal is and we will help you achieve it.
  1. Residential Cleaning
    Enjoy a healthier home with Gemini. We will tackle the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living rooms and leave the sparkle in all of them. We use eco-friendly products. We offer regular, daily, weekly, bi-weekly and, monthly servicing.
  2. Office Cleaning
    Let us help you fight these germs at the workplace. Our office cleaning includes sanitizing all surfaces. We make it shine and leave a fresh fragrance for extra energy. We offer regular and one time service for your business.
  3. Construction Cleaning
    We will put the final touch on your project. We will get rid of the construction remnants and all the dust and put the Gemini Sparkle for a great new look.
  4. Event Cleaning
    Enjoy your party and let us worry about the mess after it ends. We will take care of the dishes, the waste and will restore your space back to normal perfection.
  5. Deep One Time Cleaing
    Whether it is the seasonal urge to clean it all or you are just tired of doing all the work yourself and need that one push of thorough care, we are here to address your needs. Let us tackle these baseboards, ceiling fixtures and blinds you always leave for next time.
  6. Carpet Clean Maintenance
    We can help you keep the carpets always fresh and clean. We will do the light carpet wash in your busiest areas to keep the smells away and reduce the need for deep carpet cleaning.